Dealer Services


Whether you are new to RVing or have been camping for awhile, taking your time to research your options, the different floorplans and types is important. We want you to be able to leave knowing more than when you came in.

We accomplish this by:
  • Giving you access to the RVs on our lot with the doors unlocked. You can walk around at your leisure. 
  • Putting the Spec sheets with the Price on the Window and Microwave.
  • Making copies of the Spec Sheets available for you to take home to review.
  • Being available to answer your questions as you work through the process.
  • Having all of our inventory online with pictures, prices and descriptions.
  • Listening to your needs and wants and help steer you in the direction that you want to go, not us. 
  • Informing you about the different finance options, insurance, costs, other warranties, etc. 


The Buying Process

You have done your research and have found a camper we have that you like and want to buy, now what? 
  • When we receive our campers on the lot whether bought out-right, taken in on trade or from another dealer; we wash them, check the awning, clean them and do a full check-out on all of the major appliances before we list them for sale. ​
  • ​​When we have agreed to a price, we ask that you put down a deposit (towards the balance and to hold it).​
  • Then we will Re-Check the RV/trailer out (takes 24-48hrs) and set up a date and time for the demo and delivery.
  • At the time of the demo/delivery, we will show you the major appliances working (roof a/c, generator, stove/oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, water heater, water pump) how to operate them, go over any questions you have and give you​ a Bill's Hints Book (helpful tips and checklist) and a Starter Kit (25' water hose, 10' sewer hose with connections, water pressure regulator (brass), toilet paper, 110V adapter and tank deodorizer pods).
  • Priority One Financial Services based out of St.Petersburg is our Finance Company
  • If you complete the On Line Application, please indicate which RV you are intending to finance.
  • Call to discuss price which does not include dealer fee, taxes or registration.
  • Most banks ask for 15-20% down. 
  • Hear back from them within 24 hrs or less.
  • Interest rates and terms vary by customer, lender and age of unit being purchased.
  • If you have your own financing through a bank or credit union, please let us know so we can get them the correct information/contract on the unit being purchased.
Delivery to a Park/Campground
  • Independent Company ( Delivery fees are paid directly to them)
  • Pinellas County rates range from $ 150-250
  • Outside of the County the fee is calculated by mileage.
  • Let us know if you are interested in using this service at time of purchase.
  • Purchase insurance through a reputable company such as your automobile or an RV insurance company.
  • Recommend asking for 2 to 3 comparable quotes before you make your selection. 
Other Warranties
  •  Many insurance companies may not be able to cover mechanical components on your coach/RV such as engine, brakes, transmission and other big ticket items.
  • If this is the case, in addition to an insurance policy you can (but are not required to) purchase a warranty. We do offer a warranty for purchase through a company called Xtraride.
  • They are easy to work with and can explain the process, cost and benefits of purchasing one. If you would like more information about this program, please let us know.