Our Buying Process


Let's Keep It Simple!

1st---     Take a look at our inventory and make a list of campers you would               like to see in person. We can send video of the camper as well if               needed. 


2nd--      Make an Appointment by emailing us rvready@fastmail.com at  or                give us a call at 727-536-0900. You may also stop by our lot at                your leisure during our business hours to look around.


3rd--      If you find one you are interested in purchasing, we will do our best

            to work with you and give our best price. We do accept RV trades.


4th--      We will need to take a Non-refundable deposit to hold it.The                    deposit money is applied to the balance due and we do check out

            the camper again before the demo and you would take                            delivery/possession. We gurantee all of the major appliances work. 


5th--      If you are working with your own lender, we are able to take care 

            of that process and have the lien recorded to get the draft/check              from them. Sometimes this takes several days. If you are financing              through our broker, Priority One Financial Services, we still require              a deposit to hold the camper, but will refund half the deposit if                  the financing doesn't go through or the  terms are not what you                are wanting. 


6th--      Come check out your New to You Camper! We will have it plugged in

            and will give you a demonstration, explain how the systems work, 

            talk about what to expect, how to set it up and answer any                      questions you may have.