Our Story


It all started back in 1972, my Dad (David Brown) had moved to Tampa to work from IL. He was 19 at the time and was ready to make a living. Although, if you ask him he has been working a lot longer than that. Fast forward to 1978, married to my mom(Christine) for 7 years they took over and opened up R.V. World, Inc. From their humble roots growing up to owning a business they wanted to help others succeed. Their main focus in  the late 70's and 80s was selling new RVs and park models. Once my sister Marlana and I came a long in the mid 1980s, they decided to slow things down a bit. They focused on other aspects of the business and turned their attention to us. 

I remember my Dad asking me if I wanted to work for him after I had completed my 2 yrs of college at University of West Florida, and who wouldn't say yes? However, something in me at the time said to say no. Years later I would learn why; I met my future wife Amy in the fall of 2003. We now have 4 beautiful children, 2 boys and 2 girls that enjoy camping as much as we do. 

In 2007 I officially started working with the family business. Over the last 11 years campers have changed, the RVs they travel in have improved as well.  Our commitment to our customers has not changed. 

My wife and I have been to an auto dealership where we just researching and were then felt pressured to buy, (we didn't) but left uncomfortable and were ready to walk out. We haven't been back since.

I knew when that happened to us, that we would never be that type of business. We are not here to push our customers into buying something they can't afford, can't tow or don't want.  We are here to help our customers find quality pre-owned RVs that fit their needs and budget.

Our goal is to help people realize their camping dreams by making it more affordable to travel in an RV. Our selection of more than 50 RVs gives current and new customers a chance to see what the RV lifestyle is about. We are in the business of helping you to make memories, ones that will last a lifetime. Even with new technology changing our buying habits, we still want to give you that personal touch you expect and deserve. Happy Camping!